The Girl in the Mirror

Gallant eyes, Bold, they say

Made up of love and life

And they shine like little emeralds

Covered in the safety of her long eye brows

Then there’s her hair, long, hard,

Braided and held atop of her head

Just like a little African queen

They call it mosodo, nature calls it beauty

And she calls it defense,

Double, double toil and trouble

The root of her strength,

Then that indomitable femininity,

But it suits her well

And she dances to its rhythm

And to the voices in her head



to be continued…



The Newest Members in the Family

Last month, my brother and his girlfriend brought home two rabbits. We were all surprised because, from the trouble he had gone through the previous day, getting their house ready, we all imagined he was making a coop for chickens. We’ve heard him speak a couple of times about being a farmer but it never hit us, he was this serious.

“And… rabbits?” who knows how to care for rabbits?

We almost thought he’d give up. None of us has the experience of caring for rabbits. Although I have to confess, they are two beautiful looking rabbies. My brother has since then proven us wrong and he’s done a great job with them; I don’t know if it’s Google or it’s just him, but whichever the case, he must have done his research well. The two surprised us the other day by giving birth to five little bunnies.


Ooh! Don’t they just look cute. They are so, very fragile, and I am hoping they survive the cold weather here. All the best to them and their master!


How Not To Swim

I used to think swimming was one of the easiest things to do. I stared at people dive in and figured out, “this has got to be easy.”   I was wrong.

My experience:

My first time was in a river back at the village with my sister and cousins; Sometime last year when we had gone to the village to visit our grandma. Like always, we went to the river to get our clothes washed after which we’d hop into the water with our clothes on and pretend to swim.

Most of the time, we just held hands and went round in circles as most of us were afraid of diving just in case we did it wrong.


Country girls at the village. At the forefront is my sister Mercy. She got in to snap a selfie with us. The other 3 are cousins of mine.


The next time I went swimming, I tried to dive in though the shallow end for ‘security’ purposes and I almost drowned. I spent the whole afternoon treating the trauma from that experience by holding on to the metal bar at the edges of the pool.

I almost thought I’d never learn the art. It seemed like a forever journey, but I finally managed to float.


Me finally floating, right in-front of me is my friend Maureen, also hydrophobic and surprised at how fast I managed to float.


Here are a few things I learned not to do:

Don’t be nervous/ anxious: Forget about your phobia for water. The main rule for a good freestyle swim is to relax and trust the waters. This can help you practice how to float.

Avoid the deep end: Start your practice at the shallow end. The deep end is a no go zone till you have mastered your skill or have a swimming mate who will guide you along.

Do not hold your breath: Practice how to hold your breath, but don’t do it for long. Breathe out from time to time to help you relax and focus your concentration to moving your body forward.

Don’t do it alone: Get a coach or a swimming partner who’s good at it to help you out during your 1st time. They can help you get started and master a few techniques.

Love DM




Plato & Socrates

Poem by Arthur Vaso; A poetrysoup poet

Dramatic prose for the pompous asses
I throw my Platos at you
If you come any closer
I will Socrates you right in the nose
Demands, demands!!!! The clowns now have demands?
I say, rise up oh poets of the infinite dot universe
Proclaim the revolution a new
Justify our fight with words wrapped in doo doo
When I see a condescending donkey trip on his verbatim
I laughs cause I know he will fall into Satan's den
I am at eleven, usually a sober man
I carry my saber high and shout "Ekphrasis I don’t give a bloody damn"
Infinite ............................ Universe

I won’t let you escape this time round,

I’ve always loved you, you know.

But it was so hard to let you know

Coz your heart and soul was elsewhere


I won’t let you escape this time round,

Not when you’ve professed your love for me,

Not even if you think it’s too late,

Coz I know it will work out somehow.


I won’t let you escape this time round,

I’m just a girl, young and a little shy,

But now I have some sort of willpower,

Coz mama told me never to give up.


I won’t let you escape this time round,

Look at the determination in my eyes,

I won’t let you escape,

Coz I love you. And always will.


I Won’t Let You Escape

The Right to Be Me

I am a girl and I have no right to be me,

They keep details of who I am,

Of, who I should be

And how far I should go with my career,

I should never grow tall or remain short,

Just be somewhere in the middle,

And their expectations met in me.

I am a girl and I have no right to be me,

I never notice how beautiful my brain is,

Sometimes I forget I have one,

And concentrate on my external appearance.

I give my best smile to get into a public office,

A really good shot to make it in life,

And sleep with my boss to get a promotion.

I am a girl and I have no right to be me,

The length of my skirt is set by people around me,

That stunning mini makes me a slut

And my long denim is very old fashioned.

I dress modestly to secure a good job,

Keep fly to maintain my job,

And I’m guilty rape with what I wear.

I am a girl and I have no right to be me,

I’m bad wife because I work to make ends meet,

A crappy homemaker when my marriage fails,

And I attract wife battery with my flimsy opinions.

My dignity is compromised if I want a fair trial,

I am scorned when I stand up for us,

And I have to be someone else to get what I want.

If only you let me be myself…




Love DM.

The makeover

I met him at a hotel in town. He was sitted in the corner of the room sipping a glass of whatever it was leisurely. I was starving; so I look around and set my eyes on the waiter; “Caleb, Coffee please, na samosa mbili.” The waiter looks at me probably wondering how I recognized him. He must have forgotten his name was on the tag. After a few minutes he arrives with my order and before I know it I am feasting on it like a hungry lion on its prey. I finished the coffee, made my way to the counter and paid my bill.

My next stop was the motto parking, hop on a bike and go home. But before I could, the guy at the coffee shop stops me. He calls me by name; that’s odd. I give him a similar stare to the one Caleb gave me. “Surely, you haven’t forgotten me. We did business together, three years ago. Remember?” My mind had to roll back three years earlier. How could I forget that face?

I was fresh from high school, joined a business college and it thought me a great virtue; ‘how to be proactive.’ I looked around and the only basket I could put all my eggs into was the egg business. I set out to look for a partner, He showed up. He was very handsome, well-groomed, innocent, a bright young man and we seemed to have a similar agenda. After a dialogue we got into business.

Continued here…