On The Run; Part 1

It was this Saturday afternoon and since I was idle and had nothing to do; I grabbed a book and tried to make it worthy. I was trying so hard, but I couldn’t concentrate. I changed sitting positions, tried to find a shed outside, changed the novel, but all this was useless. My mind was unsettled. It’s like I wanted to do something different. I gave up and thought of heading out to find a ‘kampango’. I reached out for the red dress, put on a little lip stick, and complemented it with a black clutch and wedges. I looked myself in the mirror, and contented, I started trimming my eyebrows. I always loved the work of my hands when it came to colours and makeup. I was almost done with my eyes when I felt that sensation you have when you suddenly realize, you are not the only person in the room. I turned back to see my mama watching.

“kwani unaenda wapi?”

I don’t know how long she’d been there but I could see that reproachful look in her eyes. Something told me that she wasn’t gonna leave until I gave her an answer.

“Tao…” I answered skeptically, looking her in the eye, then turned back, to do the final touches. When she was gone, I sneaked gently through the backdoor.

Saturday wasn’t the best day for me to go out. Or so my mom thought; but as it was, college and work consumed all my time, and I barely had any left for myself. Balancing both schedules and creating more time was a lot of work. I had no social life and the busy package was like poison inside, eating me up, bit by bit.

After a while, I was in town, walking through “Ogembo Street”. The place was familiar, but its name?? I was seeing that for the first time and on a sign post that seemed to have stood there for quite some time. I had not only lost my life, but my eyes as well. I spent over 30 minutes looking around and glaring at changes in the town I grew up and lived in. For a moment there, I understood the little boy in “half a day”.

The creepy taxi drivers seemed to be the only thing that was familiar. Even my old friend’s cyber cafe “stim” seemed a little different. Trying so hard not to lose my tiara, I paced in, said hi and got myself a seat at the corner of the cyber.

Why was I here?

“I needed a new job.”

“No! A new life”

“Not really; a social life, a love life, a partner, a friend, a companion, a man!” 

Before I knew it I was in this dating site. Creating a new profile and browsing through profiles… You know that riddle about idle minds being the devils workshop. I was making friends and out and chatting and flirting. It’d been long ever since I had this feeling and I was starting to like this new girl.

Bingo! My type! This one was irresistible, He seemed to be looking for a girl like me, and we had a lot in common: Books, Movies, Cooking, Nature, Art… etc. etc. Goodness! We were a perfect match, and surely falling for him couldn’t be that hard. I had won the jackpot!

I began the conversation and he answered. Slowly but trailing along. Like me, he was interested.

My mother was right; I could feel her eyes undress and dress me back. Once again, I was the little girl who stole sugar and confessed to it twenty years ago. I almost tripped, but my focus was on the price. Besides, the fiend in me wasn’t going to allow me to hold back. I clicked on the notification.

“Meet me at the post office”

“In a while” I couldn’t resist the flippant smile.

… to be continued


Karma won’t strike you dead,
Read the Bible,
Turn those papers page per page,
Read em all and again,
Yeah, I know what it says,
We suffer for our sins,
But you know what kills us?
It’s the guilt inside,
The fact that we couldn’t forgive us
That we never made peace with us,
And continue turning the pages,
Christ also came and died,
He died for you and me, us.
And through his bloodshed we’re forgiven.
Forgiven only if we confess our sins,
No, confess and repent.
So when karma strikes,
Strike it with the blood of Christ.


When Karma Strikes

Witnessing Love Do Wonders

Every time I show love to a child, I feel some form of fulfillment. This Friday, was no exception.

We started by giving a helping hand to street children.

Out of it KETRIS Foundation was born and every month it makes a street child happy. A new cloth, food… or advice from the elderly on how they can fend for themselves.

“There are a lot of things that we cannot control in this world. Earthquakes, droughts and even floods. But we do know that the sick, hungry and homeless exist and we can do something to control this situation.”

If we all gave a thread, then a street child will have a shirt, if one person gave a fish and another a loaf, then there’ll be enough for a whole village and probably some left overs.

It wasn’t much, but we try our best to give a better smile than the one they had yesterday.

Our dream is to get them out of the streets. Teach them how to cast the net and not give them fish. Last Friday was a great day for all the participants and the street children. We had a time of our lives and got to share in the dreams of these children.

It was a great celebration and some even got saved and joined the church.

Love is a wonderful thing.

Appreciating Readers; Even Those Who Never Write

“What! You are gonna read that entire book?”

Coming from a writer that was bizarre…

And awkward

Having passed by a friend’s bookstore in town,

Looked for a new arrival and found none,

I decided to call my sister

Told her to bring me *book 3 of the sword of truth*

By Terry Goodkind

She heeded. And when she was handing me the book…

As ‘luck’ would have it,

I was with this writer ‘friend’ of mine,

An amazing writer, whose work I fell deeply in love with

But that question was quite a blow.

According to him, writing is a pretty full time job

It is for most writers, and I get it.

I am just saying,

The world needs more avid readers.

I do categorize myself as one, as I appreciate all writers

Try to read all books and articles that come my way

except for school books of course.

Most people write but rarely read, and that’s perfectly okay.

What they forget to do is appreciate their readers.

People read because it is their passion

It is what they do best!

Just give it a thought.

If everyone is writing and no one is reading,

It means, we are going to have way too many books on shelves

Waiting to be read or censured, by some intended future generation,

Or those critics who give a review based on a synopsis.

So then what’s the essence of writing, if no one’s gonna read the content anyway?

<><> frowns <><>

Book three of the sword of truth

My Mom Named Me After a Bee

The other day I accidentally misplaced my phone in the house. So I grabbed my sister’s phone and dialed my number to locate my handset. As I dialed for the first time I listened to my skiza tune carefully and here is what the lady at the end of the line had to say;

“Thank you for calling Deborah, Deborah will take your call shortly; did you know that Deborah is a Hebrew name for ‘bee’…”

I couldn’t help but notice; BEE? Why did my parents name me after a bee? At first, I was furious. Then I got hold of myself. So yeah, I mean bee. “I am named after a bee” That is way too comforting.

I then recalled how I was bitten by a bee as a kid. I was picking flowers when I accidentally touched a bee that was sucking nectar from one of the flowers I was eyeing. Apparently my touch provoked the bee and it stung back. It was an afternoon full of nursing the pain. To make matters worse, I hid the bump I’d gotten because this meant punishment for disobedience.  If you grew up in the early ‘90s and had strict parents, surely you must know what I mean.

And now, I find out that am named after a bee. I almost rushed to the next room to ask my peroz why they named me after a bee, but on second thought, I wondered whether they were even aware of that fact. I had spent 20+ years going by the name Debra and I didn’t know what it meant.

I then typed Deborah into the Google tab and waited for the results.

Here is a little of what I got; Continue reading

Filling an Employee Self-Appraisal Form

The other day, I received a mail from the country director of the company I work for informing me that the reviews were around the corner. For some reason, I did not look forward to it. That’s how most of us feel. It is that time when you get to know the details of your work performance on some specific areas.

Some of these areas include but are not restricted to;

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Professionalism
  • Attitude
  • Values fit

But here is the catch; your boss is not the only person who gets to review you. In the review form, there is one column where your direct supervisor awards you a mark and another column where you award yourself a mark for each category  based on your performance. This is what we call self-appraisal.

The review form is divided into a number of relevant sections with a numeric ranking that helps you and your direct supervisor rate your performance from maybe 1-4 and another column which allows you to give an explanation on why you gave yourself that score.

In some companies, the self-appraisal is not used to draw a conclusion on the employee performance, but in other companies, the employee self-appraisal is compared to the employers review and a final conclusion drawn.

Whichever the case, employees normally have difficulties when it comes to filling such forms.


Here are some tips that will help you fill out a review/self-appraisal form:

  1. Be generous but don’t exaggerate- Give yourself a high rank but do not overstate your competencies
  1. Outline the areas you need to improve on and acknowledge them
  1. While you write down the self-review, keep in mind that it is about you! As much as you might be tempted to talk about someone else and their faults, forget about them and focus on you.
  1. Take advantage of it to ask for something that will help your career grow. Just make sure it satisfies the business needs as well. For instance you can ask for more trainings or an activity that will help you improve your competence in the job.
  1. DO NOT insist on your weak areas. Instead, try and be defensive; remember this is about your performance.
  1. On the final comments section, write a brief summary on your work experience and go through the self-evaluation form once again to ensure you have not made any mistakes.

All the best filling your appraisal form.

HENRI FAYOL’S 14 Principles of Management


Management Principles developed by Henri Fayol: 
  1. DIVISION OF WORK: Work should be divided among individuals and groups to ensure  that effort and attention are focused on special portions of the task. Fayol presented work specialization as the best way to use the human resources of the organization.                                                                                                                   
  2. AUTHORITY: The concepts of Authority and responsibility are closely related. Authority was defined by Fayol as the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience. Responsibility involves being accountable, and is therefore naturally associated with authority. Whoever assumes authority also assumes responsibility…

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