My Brand New Town

It’s slow, boring, un-lively but a cool town

The locals here live a substandard life, but full of love

The locals here make lots of jokes even when they mad

They live like they only got today for it

They give a warm welcome to strangers they’ve never met 

And they make you feel at home

They’re natives, though enlightened. 

They are a knight in a shining armor

And they’re human

Beautiful humans ! 



Plato & Socrates

Poem by Arthur Vaso; A poetrysoup poet

Dramatic prose for the pompous asses
I throw my Platos at you
If you come any closer
I will Socrates you right in the nose
Demands, demands!!!! The clowns now have demands?
I say, rise up oh poets of the infinite dot universe
Proclaim the revolution a new
Justify our fight with words wrapped in doo doo
When I see a condescending donkey trip on his verbatim
I laughs cause I know he will fall into Satan's den
I am at eleven, usually a sober man
I carry my saber high and shout "Ekphrasis I don’t give a bloody damn"
Infinite ............................ Universe


A poem by Lydiah Areri on behalf of the kdf soldiers; those that we lost; those that are still fighting; those that are part of the rescue team in Somalia.

I am not here because I care not
If anything, I care more than all of you about you all
I am not on the front line in this battle field ’cause am too old to be sent six feet under,
For your information, I just turned 26 last month
I am not an alien because am a coward!
As you read this, you must already be convinced that I am as brave as King David,
I am not here because I am ugly!
No! No! No!
Girls from my estate called Ma’ their future mother-in-law since I was two!
You know that I mean…
Just for you to know!

Do I still have your ears?

I have a young wife
Barely a year since we got married
My unborn son would want to know how it feels to be on dad’s shoulders when am on leave,
My own mother would want to frame both my portrait and that of my son in one slide by her bedside
I promised to make my dad proud of me one day!

I didn’t choose this lane because I was number one from the last in my class,
No! No! No!
You must be Catherine Ndereba to run this race safely!

I love you!
I love my land Kenya!
The pride of Africa Ma’
A patriot
In a foreign land
A devoted peacekeeper dying
That is what I am.

I chose to be here so that,
Even when I am long gone
My son, his sons and my neighbor’s sons,
Shall all be proud of me!
Name a theatre hall after my name or better still some streets at home by my name!

Isn’t this a delicate mission?
Some of the eggs might be forcefully broken before 21 days,
Gallant heroes
Fallen heroes
Resting soldiers
Carrying a peace medal on their chests
Might be our identity
But ,
For love!
Our bleeding hearts shall stand at the top of Mt.Kenya,
Drawing Peace,Love and Unity with our boiling tears on our pale cheeks!
In love and for the love
Of our land!
And her child
mother Africa!

Your’s in Love


I won’t let you escape this time round,

I’ve always loved you, you know.

But it was so hard to let you know

Coz your heart and soul was elsewhere


I won’t let you escape this time round,

Not when you’ve professed your love for me,

Not even if you think it’s too late,

Coz I know it will work out somehow.


I won’t let you escape this time round,

I’m just a girl, young and a little shy,

But now I have some sort of willpower,

Coz mama told me never to give up.


I won’t let you escape this time round,

Look at the determination in my eyes,

I won’t let you escape,

Coz I love you. And always will.


I Won’t Let You Escape

These drives are many, you’d agree
And the urge is filled with thirst,
Thirst to outreach the clouds,
Worldly pleasures,
And when you have it all, you realize,
You still haven’t reached the peak,
Haven’t achieved life’s goals,
What is my purpose? You ask,
Little sins, Great achievements,
Your heart is still heavy,
Heavy from yesterday’s deeds,
And yet you keep pursuing,
Not knowing all you need is love,
To lift you high to that place you desire,
And when it’s combined with grace,
You realize what your purpose is,
To serve Christ unconditionally!


My Purpose in Life