Dear Dearly

Dear dearly,

I write again

Barely a year down the line

A reaction, my reaction,

To the long stretch of death

Yeah, it’s him I’m talking about,

He that you know,

He who’s loss makes our eyes teary

Our colleague, a friend, family!

Dear Freddy, this was sudden

You shoulder stayed much longer

You know you should have,

As whatever you chose to be.

An acquaintance; or just a passer by

Either way the impact could have been great,

Greater than you gone!

This loss is enormous, and it breaks our hearts

All we have are memories. You, and us

Yet we search over and over again

Hoping to find you!

Somewhere in our midst.

Coz we miss you already and want you back.

Not to mourn but be jolly!

And celebrate the life well lived

Rest easy brother, you’ll be greatly missed



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