How Often Do We Leave Our Phones Unanswered?

“Do you know the meaning of a mobile phone? It is mobile. Not a landline”

I couldn’t answer this question when I got back to my sister, having found her missed call. At some point, I thought it rhetoric, and it was.

Until this morning, I didn’t know it bothered her that I often didn’t pick her calls.

I am one person who barely answers my mobile phone, either on time or at all. I have actually lost count of the number of times I left my phone unanswered. But the good thing is, I normally call back.

I have had lots of arguments, especially with my sister despite the countless feedback I have been receiving. Sometimes I tend to believe that I am not a phone person. But today, I am willing to take responsibility and explain to everyone, why I barely take my calls and to apologize on behalf of people with a character like mine.

Before that, I would like to let you know that we love you and all those calls don’t go unanswered on purpose.

Reasons why we don’t answer immediately:

  • Sometimes we lose our phones and then spend hours tracing them. By the time we get them, we definitely have lots of missed calls.
  • Our phones are always on silent mode; this is because ringtones are not allowed in places of work. We do not want to distract our colleagues. So probably, we didn’t hear it ring.
  • Because we’re busy. Sometimes we are on official duty and can’t take phone calls. The best we can do is call later.
  • Sometimes it’s awkward. If there are people in the same room who shouldn’t listen to our conversation, then I will ignore the call and call later.

See! There are lots of reasons. Please don’t take it personal.


Love- D.M.





2 comments on “How Often Do We Leave Our Phones Unanswered?

    • Yeah, it’s a good thing most people understand you. I think we shouldn’t judge people because they don’t pick our calls. My sister and besties normally run mad because I never pick but finally we connect and I explain the situation..

      Thanks for dropping by.

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