On The Run; Part 1

It was this Saturday afternoon and since I was idle and had nothing to do; I grabbed a book and tried to make it worthy. I was trying so hard, but I couldn’t concentrate. I changed sitting positions, tried to find a shed outside, changed the novel, but all this was useless. My mind was unsettled. It’s like I wanted to do something different. I gave up and thought of heading out to find a ‘kampango’. I reached out for the red dress, put on a little lip stick, and complemented it with a black clutch and wedges. I looked myself in the mirror, and contented, I started trimming my eyebrows. I always loved the work of my hands when it came to colours and makeup. I was almost done with my eyes when I felt that sensation you have when you suddenly realize, you are not the only person in the room. I turned back to see my mama watching.

“kwani unaenda wapi?”

I don’t know how long she’d been there but I could see that reproachful look in her eyes. Something told me that she wasn’t gonna leave until I gave her an answer.

“Tao…” I answered skeptically, looking her in the eye, then turned back, to do the final touches. When she was gone, I sneaked gently through the backdoor.

Saturday wasn’t the best day for me to go out. Or so my mom thought; but as it was, college and work consumed all my time, and I barely had any left for myself. Balancing both schedules and creating more time was a lot of work. I had no social life and the busy package was like poison inside, eating me up, bit by bit.

After a while, I was in town, walking through “Ogembo Street”. The place was familiar, but its name?? I was seeing that for the first time and on a sign post that seemed to have stood there for quite some time. I had not only lost my life, but my eyes as well. I spent over 30 minutes looking around and glaring at changes in the town I grew up and lived in. For a moment there, I understood the little boy in “half a day”.

The creepy taxi drivers seemed to be the only thing that was familiar. Even my old friend’s cyber cafe “stim” seemed a little different. Trying so hard not to lose my tiara, I paced in, said hi and got myself a seat at the corner of the cyber.

Why was I here?

“I needed a new job.”

“No! A new life”

“Not really; a social life, a love life, a partner, a friend, a companion, a man!” 

Before I knew it I was in this dating site. Creating a new profile and browsing through profiles… You know that riddle about idle minds being the devils workshop. I was making friends and out and chatting and flirting. It’d been long ever since I had this feeling and I was starting to like this new girl.

Bingo! My type! This one was irresistible, He seemed to be looking for a girl like me, and we had a lot in common: Books, Movies, Cooking, Nature, Art… etc. etc. Goodness! We were a perfect match, and surely falling for him couldn’t be that hard. I had won the jackpot!

I began the conversation and he answered. Slowly but trailing along. Like me, he was interested.

My mother was right; I could feel her eyes undress and dress me back. Once again, I was the little girl who stole sugar and confessed to it twenty years ago. I almost tripped, but my focus was on the price. Besides, the fiend in me wasn’t going to allow me to hold back. I clicked on the notification.

“Meet me at the post office”

“In a while” I couldn’t resist the flippant smile.

… to be continued



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