The Walk


Footprints Footprints

The Walk

No one can put you in a corner.
It will come the moment,
that you will stand up strongly
and walk out from that dark tunnel
and finally face the light.
You would be trembling
you would be afraid
this walk seems so long…
you would be gasping
you would be tired
but you will be stronger step after step.
The immense love you have inside, will hold your hand tight,
your beautiful soul will lead your way to the light,
your courage will bring you out
you will be proud
You will be free
the Savior would be there to hold you always.


Copyright 2015 © Poem and Photo by Carolina Russo

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2 comments on “The Walk

  1. Hi Debra thank you so much for follow my Blog and for the reblog! I am happy that you like my poem. I appreciate you wanted to share it with others. I will surely follow your Blog and I am looking forward to dig more into it! I express my creativity in many ways I hope that you it 🙂

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