The Walk


Footprints Footprints

The Walk

No one can put you in a corner.
It will come the moment,
that you will stand up strongly
and walk out from that dark tunnel
and finally face the light.
You would be trembling
you would be afraid
this walk seems so long…
you would be gasping
you would be tired
but you will be stronger step after step.
The immense love you have inside, will hold your hand tight,
your beautiful soul will lead your way to the light,
your courage will bring you out
you will be proud
You will be free
the Savior would be there to hold you always.


Copyright 2015 © Poem and Photo by Carolina Russo

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I just had to share this

Monique Amado - Life Coach & Artist


Some weeks ago, I posted a piece called Hope for Addictive Personalities here:

Following are some tips to help you get started if you struggle with any type of addiction—from serious ones to ones that are not necessarily life threatening. Whether it’s an eating disorder, a drug addiction, a worry addiction or a nagging addiction, these apply…

1. Admission. Acknowledge and admit that you can’t go on like you have. The first step of surrendering and putting your hands up to say, “I can’t do it on my own” can bring a flood of relief. Especially combined with turning to a power greater than yourself, whether that is the God you believe in, or a supportive community, or both. (I realize not everyone believes in God. A loving, supportive community is God with skin on though.) It’s not about trying harder. It’s about laying down arms and admitting you’re…

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Love is like a magic shilling.

Just spend it or give it away

And one way or the other it’ll find it’s way back.


It is that time of the month when you show love to a street child.

you are welcome once again to be a part of this wonderful encounter. Share love with our KTRIS street brothers and one way or the other it’ll find it’s way back.


Time to Give It Out


Don’t tell me.

No, don’t tell me.

To face that multitude

And perform my best piece.

I know they’ll listen,

While I sing my heart out

Even from the backstage.

Or the corners of the podium

I know they’ll listen.

coz their interest is rhyme,

The metaphors and the storyline

And what could be more important?

So don’t tell me…

Coz the attention is just too much.