Try Out Something New

Every other day, I sit down and analyze my job; what I like and what I don’t like about it.

And when I feel like I’m done, when I have that self confidence that I have achieved my goal, or that I have mastered every part of what I’m doing… I crash into something new. During this time, I feel like my job’s trying to tell me never to challenge it again. But this is what keeps me moving forward, and every time I hit a challenge head on. I love my job even more.

Sometimes I feel like I will never be done. Because every day, comes with its own challenges that need a solution. And every day I work on a challenge and create a new solution, I gain more skill, experience, a sense of self-fulfillment and my self-esteem goes up. I mean, who doesn’t wanna go home feeling like a knight in shining armor?

That tiny job you have could be your dream job! You just haven’t realized.

And if not, then it’s that path you have to pass to get to where you want to be. So, stop sleeping on it and start Loving it.  Appreciate more and complain less.  Try out something new, Change the routine, Give it a new phase, and never, ever give up.

It begins with you!

Love –D.M.