The Devils Workshop

There is always that time when you are free and you end up doing that thing you don’t want to. Not that those who are busy are always doing the right thing; but at one time or the other your mind has taken a joyride to sin city and led you into that temptation you were not able to overcome. And all this happens when you are idle…

I am not telling you to bombard your little head with a lot of work. You need rest! We all need time away from the office, away from taking orders from the big boss, away from that colleague with unending drama, away from everything and with a clear mind.

But how do you spend that time?

Take a walk, spend time with family, go to the gym, drive around, write, sing, draw… do anything that makes you happy. Just make sure it adds value to your life. Your mind can lead you to destruction or construction. Don’t do something you will regret.

Love – D.M.