Witnessing Love Do Wonders

Every time I show love to a child, I feel some form of fulfillment. This Friday, was no exception.

We started by giving a helping hand to street children.

Out of it KETRIS Foundation was born and every month it makes a street child happy. A new cloth, food… or advice from the elderly on how they can fend for themselves.

“There are a lot of things that we cannot control in this world. Earthquakes, droughts and even floods. But we do know that the sick, hungry and homeless exist and we can do something to control this situation.”

If we all gave a thread, then a street child will have a shirt, if one person gave a fish and another a loaf, then there’ll be enough for a whole village and probably some left overs.

It wasn’t much, but we try our best to give a better smile than the one they had yesterday.

Our dream is to get them out of the streets. Teach them how to cast the net and not give them fish. Last Friday was a great day for all the participants and the street children. We had a time of our lives and got to share in the dreams of these children.

It was a great celebration and some even got saved and joined the church.

Love is a wonderful thing.


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