Why I Gave Up on Love

I gave up on love years back,

That time when mama gave up on me,

Handed me to the nurses soon after birth,

Drugged to an orphanage at nine months old,

Left to the mercies of well-wishers,

Fed on powder and whole life milk,

Adopted severally and sent back to streets,

Denied for lack of a loving parent

I gave up on love years later,

In my youthful days when I was full of life,

Motivated by the success of my peers,

Ready for an education that never crossed my path,

Following motivational links and visualizing the future

Filling out scholarship and bursary forms

Hoping that life could give me a U turn,

Denied for lack of a loving donor

I gave up on love sometime back,

When I was old enough to make a few choices,

Embrace the right and face consequences of the wrong

Worked up relationships

And then I left when some turned out to be sour,

Then I forgot I was in charge of my life,

Left my whole life to a destiny that never was,

Denied for the lack of a loving acquaintance

I gave up on love,

Coz love gave up on me.

 Love – D.M.

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An Encounter With Reality

There are so many things we want to happen and yet they don’t. Nevertheless, a time comes when you realize that things don’t always go your way. Sometimes, you got to bend low and accept them as they are. Alternatively, you can choose to hit a rock, get hurt and devote your energy to worry for bygones.

Get me right, a fist fight with a rock is not bad. We deal with issues in different ways. Some of us go crazy, others cry, others padlock themselves in rooms, others get lost in solitude and meditate, and yet others hit the wall and bleed. We do all these to relieve the pain, and that’s perfectly alright.

But here is what happens while you spend ages brooding for past events.

Life Goes On

Yeah, it’s a bitch, and it doesn’t care about what you feel.

Look at this way, there are over 7billion people in the world with bigger problems.Life, is busy fixing more important issues.

So, why would life spend its time on you? Your life is entirely yours and how it works is entirely up to you.

Pick up the pieces and start from where you left. It does not hurt. What will hurt you is if you never get up.

Do away with the excuses. Get up and live.

Witnessing Love Do Wonders

Every time I show love to a child, I feel some form of fulfillment. This Friday, was no exception.

We started by giving a helping hand to street children.

Out of it KETRIS Foundation was born and every month it makes a street child happy. A new cloth, food… or advice from the elderly on how they can fend for themselves.

“There are a lot of things that we cannot control in this world. Earthquakes, droughts and even floods. But we do know that the sick, hungry and homeless exist and we can do something to control this situation.”

If we all gave a thread, then a street child will have a shirt, if one person gave a fish and another a loaf, then there’ll be enough for a whole village and probably some left overs.

It wasn’t much, but we try our best to give a better smile than the one they had yesterday.

Our dream is to get them out of the streets. Teach them how to cast the net and not give them fish. Last Friday was a great day for all the participants and the street children. We had a time of our lives and got to share in the dreams of these children.

It was a great celebration and some even got saved and joined the church.

Love is a wonderful thing.