Sigh! My Today’s Miracle

I was sizzling beyond boiling point

I’d had my day planned out

And this was not the picture I had in mind

My legs were shaking

My voice pulsating and my hands…

Seemed to take that steadiness challenge

They failed!

Nipe change yangu”


The boda-boda man scooched,

Getting me out of my comfort zone

I knew the route well,

Used it every day and certainly knew the fare,

It never could have hiked overnight

I was losing my patience…

Clearly I had my dad’s temper.

And it was getting the better of me

So much that my eyes protruded they’d swallow him up

Little did I know, they were taking the details

Yeah, every tiny detail

He had wild unkempt hair,

A screamy, old light green half coat

That one all boda boda men wore,

And he wore worn out Colombo pants,

What was I doing arguing with him?

It didn’t seem right.

I was irrefutably filled by compassion,

And tempted to give him all the coins in my pocket

But the words he uttered held me back

Then he handed me my change,

Empathy does work miracles


N/B My change was Ksh. 10


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