Is Stripping Justified? #NudityIsNotMyChoice

Allow me speak out on this one.

“Woman Stripped Naked For Stealing.”

“A Lady Was Stripped Naked Yesterday For Inappropriate Dressing.”

“Woman Stripped Naked By Tout”

“Lady Stripped Naked In South Africa”

“Yet another Stripping In Nairobi during #MyDressMyChoice Campaign”

Honestly? This is getting out of hand. Yea, I also have an issue with inappropriate dressing, but I never have encouraged rape, sexual harassment and much less stripping.

Why do men want us naked, and then crucify us for it? I watch these videos every day and no! They are not justified to strip.

Justified is that lady who couldn’t live her life no more because her nakedness was displayed on public TV and all over the internet. Justified is the struggle of that girl who fought back to evade rape but unfortunately ended up in a casket. Justified are these campaigns against all forms of sexual harassment.

“That dressing is inappropriate in the African setting. She deserved the strip I can hear one man comment in the streets. “wastripiwe kabisaa. They wanted our attention… Now they have it. Hiyo ndio walikua wanatafuta. What’s wrong with our women?”

The question should be, ‘What’s wrong with our men?’

I don’t how someone gains satisfaction from stripping. How do you feel when you are caught on camera stripping a lady naked? What difference does that have from rape? That woman could be your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter.

I am not saying ladies should walk around half naked, but stripping isn’t a solution. Those men had a choice. If it was too irritating, they could have chosen to cover her up. That could have been humiliation enough. No! They chose to leave her cloth-less.

You think you doing your eyes some sort of justice? You think you are punishing them for going against the African Moral Society? Assault and sexual harassment is a criminal offence punishable by law. Sooner or later we are going to have a justification for rape.

Speaking of morals, when did stripping rise up the morals list of the African community? When was it included as a part of society’s norms?  I don’t want to experience a situation where men will use stripping as an excuse to get back at women.

Sometimes I just sit down and ask, “Where is government when its citizens are infringing the rights of other citizens? Where are the human rights activists when these kinds of happenings take place and no one takes responsibility for the same? How about justice for those who were left cloth-less and life less?

Like I say… whatever your reasons are; no one has a right to take justice into their hands.

Let he who’s faultless throw the first stone!



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