My Mom Named Me After a Bee

The other day I accidentally misplaced my phone in the house. So I grabbed my sister’s phone and dialed my number to locate my handset. As I dialed for the first time I listened to my skiza tune carefully and here is what the lady at the end of the line had to say;

“Thank you for calling Deborah, Deborah will take your call shortly; did you know that Deborah is a Hebrew name for ‘bee’…”

I couldn’t help but notice; BEE? Why did my parents name me after a bee? At first, I was furious. Then I got hold of myself. So yeah, I mean bee. “I am named after a bee” That is way too comforting.

I then recalled how I was bitten by a bee as a kid. I was picking flowers when I accidentally touched a bee that was sucking nectar from one of the flowers I was eyeing. Apparently my touch provoked the bee and it stung back. It was an afternoon full of nursing the pain. To make matters worse, I hid the bump I’d gotten because this meant punishment for disobedience.  If you grew up in the early ‘90s and had strict parents, surely you must know what I mean.

And now, I find out that am named after a bee. I almost rushed to the next room to ask my peroz why they named me after a bee, but on second thought, I wondered whether they were even aware of that fact. I had spent 20+ years going by the name Debra and I didn’t know what it meant.

I then typed Deborah into the Google tab and waited for the results.

Here is a little of what I got;

“Deborah is a Hebrew name; also means bee and to speak eloquently.

It is a name of two women in the bible, Rebecca’s nurse and the prophetess who

summoned barrack against an invading army.

She is identified as a wife a prophetess and a judge.”

So why were these two great women named after a bee?

Apparently there is someone else who asked themselves the same question and here is what they got;

“Just as bees swarm behind a leader, so too are the Jews led by the sages and prophets who teach and guide them.

Just as the sting of the bee is bitterly painful yet its honey is sweet, so does the Torah bring bitterness for those who do not follow her ways, and sweet life to those who do.

Just as the nature of a bee is to collect pollen and nectar for others, so do the Jews toil accumulating Torah and mitzvahs, not for our own benefit, but to give pleasure to our Father in heaven.”

After this I took a deep breath and thanked God for helping my Parents choose Deborah. At least I now know where I got all that roughage from, not to mention the beauty and intelligence. 😉


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