Makeover 2

“It’s nice to meet you again Ray.”

“Same here.”

As long as Ray did his part we were good to go. I never cared about his private life; of course not until he suddenly halted the egg business. He bailed on me when our little endeavor needed us most. It had gradually grown into a cash cow, and we were milking tons of shillings out of it. Losing a partner meant suicide for the business; and like I predicted, there was a decline in the overall profit of the egg business. I tried a replacement but it didn’t work.

My decision to close it came in handy. My dad wanted me to go back to college and my partner had ‘ditched’ me. It was perfect timing. After all, I had nothing to lose.

My first week at the university was mind-numbing. Getting to know my lecturers, re-getting used to books, and of course the boys. That’s how I bumped into Ray’s supposed best friend Silas.



“You remember me? I’m…”

“The egg girl; I remember. Never knew I had a thing for country girls till I saw u walk right through that door.”

I was willing to let that pass.

“How’s Ray?”

“Your partner? In an asylum, trying to recuperate from a terrible mental illness. But I’m here now.”

According to Silas, Ray was a cognitively impaired. Apart from the egg shop and being a medical student, he also ran a pub and sold male suits remotely. Ray had overestimated his capability and ran multiple businesses concurrently.

Motivated by both treasure and leisure, his ‘hypermarket’ did well, but his luck turned disastrous when he lost himself somewhere in between ambition and pleasure. He had a serious confrontation with depression followed by six months full time bed rest.

That was the last I had of him. Right now, He was standing before me and I was dying to ask what happened next. Not because I was remorseful but because seeing him there made me doubt the ‘Silas story’ He looked different. But in a good way.

“We can have another cup of coffee, or dinner.”

“No thanks. I’m full, but you can walk me home.”

“Definitely; Shall we?”

I reply with a nod. I am curious; I know what that did to the cat but I couldn’t help. We walk and talk. How could he change so much. I almost believed in evolution. The pre-emptive young man was replaced by a party animal who flirted like it was a hobby, but who cared? His chest was broader, he was taller, had a beard, and his lips were sensuous. I was filling my little head with ideas.

To be continued…

-Makeover 1


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