The makeover

I met him at a hotel in town. He was sitted in the corner of the room sipping a glass of whatever it was leisurely. I was starving; so I look around and set my eyes on the waiter; “Caleb, Coffee please, na samosa mbili.” The waiter looks at me probably wondering how I recognized him. He must have forgotten his name was on the tag. After a few minutes he arrives with my order and before I know it I am feasting on it like a hungry lion on its prey. I finished the coffee, made my way to the counter and paid my bill.

My next stop was the motto parking, hop on a bike and go home. But before I could, the guy at the coffee shop stops me. He calls me by name; that’s odd. I give him a similar stare to the one Caleb gave me. “Surely, you haven’t forgotten me. We did business together, three years ago. Remember?” My mind had to roll back three years earlier. How could I forget that face?

I was fresh from high school, joined a business college and it thought me a great virtue; ‘how to be proactive.’ I looked around and the only basket I could put all my eggs into was the egg business. I set out to look for a partner, He showed up. He was very handsome, well-groomed, innocent, a bright young man and we seemed to have a similar agenda. After a dialogue we got into business.

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