Filling an Employee Self-Appraisal Form

The other day, I received a mail from the country director of the company I work for informing me that the reviews were around the corner. For some reason, I did not look forward to it. That’s how most of us feel. It is that time when you get to know the details of your work performance on some specific areas.

Some of these areas include but are not restricted to;

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Professionalism
  • Attitude
  • Values fit

But here is the catch; your boss is not the only person who gets to review you. In the review form, there is one column where your direct supervisor awards you a mark and another column where you award yourself a mark for each category  based on your performance. This is what we call self-appraisal.

The review form is divided into a number of relevant sections with a numeric ranking that helps you and your direct supervisor rate your performance from maybe 1-4 and another column which allows you to give an explanation on why you gave yourself that score.

In some companies, the self-appraisal is not used to draw a conclusion on the employee performance, but in other companies, the employee self-appraisal is compared to the employers review and a final conclusion drawn.

Whichever the case, employees normally have difficulties when it comes to filling such forms.


Here are some tips that will help you fill out a review/self-appraisal form:

  1. Be generous but don’t exaggerate- Give yourself a high rank but do not overstate your competencies
  1. Outline the areas you need to improve on and acknowledge them
  1. While you write down the self-review, keep in mind that it is about you! As much as you might be tempted to talk about someone else and their faults, forget about them and focus on you.
  1. Take advantage of it to ask for something that will help your career grow. Just make sure it satisfies the business needs as well. For instance you can ask for more trainings or an activity that will help you improve your competence in the job.
  1. DO NOT insist on your weak areas. Instead, try and be defensive; remember this is about your performance.
  1. On the final comments section, write a brief summary on your work experience and go through the self-evaluation form once again to ensure you have not made any mistakes.

All the best filling your appraisal form.


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