Condom-Less Generation

All he cared about was penetration/
that’s why he ended up in medication/
but he was not to blame for his fornication/
how could he stop when everything around him sounded temptation/
six inches of heels, skirts way above the knees/
tops wore to kill, saying ‘touch me and know how it feels’
the beauty in Nairobi/
kweli tunahitaji maombi/
that’s why he was no longer in church seeking the light/
when it is Friday night/
he dressed up and went to mess up/
a dance changed to how they kiss in France/
then the kiss was taken to the dark/
and numerous shots of the label that is black/
emotions and alcohol were on the attack/
he won just because of gilbey’s gin/
and when I went to flash, my womb was slashed
positive when I tested/
and maybe his performance was measured in seconds/
but what did I expect when on the first date he saw my thighs?/
he seemly lied and got me high/
and when we were up the sky, we lie/
days later I was the one to cry/
a secret to you ladies…
The only man; him that makes them strive/
Briggz comes to life

 >>>>>Brigeddia Poet<<<<<


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