Rest In Peace Love Bird

What made you so desolate after all that repression?

That chilly quotidian session was quite an obsession,


I’d hark back to that look that signaled reform,

An uninhabited you turned out to be so sweet,

That modest scouring stare swept me off my feet.

So did the touch that made me concede defeat!

And the brainwash that left a tickle beneath my flank,

But an intoxicated me realized it was just a prank.

You lived and walked the walk of that leach on the fish tank.

It was unmanageable to domesticate a reborn you,

Hot or cold, there was no definition for you,

And that was no conducive environment for two,

Trailing and keeping an eye was no way to tame you!

It was a wreckage, that made me attempt to break through.

Then all of me opened up and gave you a new look,

A wild universe in my own world seemed so wrong,

So I put my butt down and wrote that sad love song,

RIP LOVE-BIRD, you feel so dead and seem so gone,

The journey was long but it left me so strong.

<<<<<< Deby in Poetry >>>>>


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