Murder /
Do you ever think i slander/
When i say you are like no other/
That beautiful smile should be a case in some file/
Someone call 911 coz i think i found the one/
State your name for the record/
Lemmi describe you in a poetic method/
Your eyes i suspect there is a feeling they effect/
Your man should be paused rewind and eject/
Coz a woman like you, no man would reject/

From your neck to your waist confirms you are a creation that was aced/
Walk closer so that my mouth can agape/
And they say we came from apes/
Then you are one illusion in this human race/
Heel in front of heel,killer curve hiding your two hills/
Woman, lemmi pay your bills/
Lemmi pave the way as you leave them at bay/
Someone shout, AMEN/
And the rest shout DAMN/
Mrembo, hakuna kitu huna,
In … Swahili, hautawai kuwa wa pili/

I know i sound kinda silly/
But Swala ni hili/
Be the liver to my bile/
The pupil in ma eye/
Lemmi see you walk down the aisle/
Lemmi golden your finger/
The king iz back/
For Briggz is packed/
And i know what you lacked./

>>>>> Brigeddia Poet<<<<<


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