Botched break up

Mkate Nusu

Mueni could not believe what just happened. She had met with George for dinner to end a 15 year relationship. For 15 years she thought she had known him, but the last few years proved otherwise. George was like a huge haze that never quite made sense; a mirage. She had been rehearsing her pointers for weeks prior to and figuring out how to end the friendship amicably. George was a gentleman and a decent man, hard to find, but there were elements of his personal traits that Mueni just couldn’t stand.

It was a dance trying to figure out whether it was worth tossing away 15 years of friendship. She had been mourning this loss for weeks prior to dinner. This was the first time in a long time that they met. And would be the final; at least that is what Mueni thought.

George joined her at dinner…

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