We Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Dr. Maya Angelou, You Now Have Your Wings!


Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly without claiming it she stands up for all women


“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

I am saddened yet I rejoice today. Heaven gained a beautiful angel today. Renowned author, poet, and civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou took her rightful place in heaven today.

Dr. Angelou was not only a great voice to contemporary literature, but she was a voice of distinction to many. She touched the lives of many.

Her speech was with grace and eloquence. Her words were like a breath of fresh air to a troubled ear that would hear and listen. She spoke of struggles we could all identify with and knew in some way we too, could overcome them.

She was trailblazer; a survivor. She set the path to know how we could live life with meaning. She taught us through her writings, in…

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Condom-Less Generation

All he cared about was penetration/
that’s why he ended up in medication/
but he was not to blame for his fornication/
how could he stop when everything around him sounded temptation/
six inches of heels, skirts way above the knees/
tops wore to kill, saying ‘touch me and know how it feels’
the beauty in Nairobi/
kweli tunahitaji maombi/
that’s why he was no longer in church seeking the light/
when it is Friday night/
he dressed up and went to mess up/
a dance changed to how they kiss in France/
then the kiss was taken to the dark/
and numerous shots of the label that is black/
emotions and alcohol were on the attack/
he won just because of gilbey’s gin/
and when I went to flash, my womb was slashed
positive when I tested/
and maybe his performance was measured in seconds/
but what did I expect when on the first date he saw my thighs?/
he seemly lied and got me high/
and when we were up the sky, we lie/
days later I was the one to cry/
a secret to you ladies…
The only man; him that makes them strive/
Briggz comes to life

 >>>>>Brigeddia Poet<<<<<

Rest In Peace Love Bird

What made you so desolate after all that repression?

That chilly quotidian session was quite an obsession,


I’d hark back to that look that signaled reform,

An uninhabited you turned out to be so sweet,

That modest scouring stare swept me off my feet.

So did the touch that made me concede defeat!

And the brainwash that left a tickle beneath my flank,

But an intoxicated me realized it was just a prank.

You lived and walked the walk of that leach on the fish tank.

It was unmanageable to domesticate a reborn you,

Hot or cold, there was no definition for you,

And that was no conducive environment for two,

Trailing and keeping an eye was no way to tame you!

It was a wreckage, that made me attempt to break through.

Then all of me opened up and gave you a new look,

A wild universe in my own world seemed so wrong,

So I put my butt down and wrote that sad love song,

RIP LOVE-BIRD, you feel so dead and seem so gone,

The journey was long but it left me so strong.

<<<<<< Deby in Poetry >>>>>

I Love You My Gentle One; Ralph Bitamazire

I love you, my gentle one;
My love is the fresh milk in the rubindi
Which you drank on the wedding day;
My love is the butter we were smeared with
To seal fidelity into our hearts.
You are the cattle-bird’s egg,

For those who saw you are wealthy;
You are the papyrus reed of the lake,
Which they pull out with both hands.
And I sing for you with tears
Because you possess my heart:
I love you, my gentle…


Murder /
Do you ever think i slander/
When i say you are like no other/
That beautiful smile should be a case in some file/
Someone call 911 coz i think i found the one/
State your name for the record/
Lemmi describe you in a poetic method/
Your eyes i suspect there is a feeling they effect/
Your man should be paused rewind and eject/
Coz a woman like you, no man would reject/

From your neck to your waist confirms you are a creation that was aced/
Walk closer so that my mouth can agape/
And they say we came from apes/
Then you are one illusion in this human race/
Heel in front of heel,killer curve hiding your two hills/
Woman, lemmi pay your bills/
Lemmi pave the way as you leave them at bay/
Someone shout, AMEN/
And the rest shout DAMN/
Mrembo, hakuna kitu huna,
In … Swahili, hautawai kuwa wa pili/

I know i sound kinda silly/
But Swala ni hili/
Be the liver to my bile/
The pupil in ma eye/
Lemmi see you walk down the aisle/
Lemmi golden your finger/
The king iz back/
For Briggz is packed/
And i know what you lacked./

>>>>> Brigeddia Poet<<<<<