When I look at that little rose,

That flower that grows and blossoms,

Like it lacks no minerals,

I look down at the source of its affirmation…

Bless You ‘Mama’


Bless You ‘Mama’

When I look at that little rose,
That flower that grows and blossoms,
Like it lacks no minerals,
I look down at the source of its affirmation,
The foundation of its strength steadiness,
The root that brought in so much happiness,
The spring that had so little yet gave so much,
You are my shield against all atrocities and dangers,
The power of light in the midst of darkness,
The treasure that no Gold could match,
From whence all this beauty and purity originates,
Bless you ‘mama’.

The Best Dad I Ever Met

This goes to the best dad I ever had.

Dear dad,


I wish to thank you for everything you gave me.

The accomplishments you saw me through,

And above all, for helping mama bring me to life,

Thank you for the guidance you gave me as I grew up,

Thanks for being there even when I didn’t deserve you,

We have had ups and downs as father and child,

But you helped us get through all that!

Thanks for being the best dad I ever knew,

And thanks for being my dad.




Departure -Christianne Balk

Thousands of tiny
fists tamping the surface of the lake
flowing like a wide
river gone crazy, southeast, westnorth
letting the wind push
it around in its bed and the boat
hull hugging the shore.
What else can she do? Even the trees
agree, shaking
their crowns, throwing down their leaves as if
she were their only
child. Caught cold-footed in Magnuson
grass, trying to cut
free of the creosote-soaked pilings sunk
deep in the shallow
mud holding the water, holding her
wake for a moment,
furrow folding back over into
confusion. Cascade
gray crosscurrents! Sharp switching eddies!
shoals! Let the cloth argue with itself,
gasping like a child
with the air knocked out and the wind
socking the center.
Let the sail, shot-silk green and white, now
snapping, billowing
slowly draw her away from this beach
marked with broken glass, rocks
as smooth as plovers’ eggs, and small
stones splashed iron red
and orange like the sky breaking open.
Let the windows ignite
flickering copper on the other side.
Let the water be
disked with silver from here to there
churning as if roiled
by the flanks of a great, gentle fish.

Once Upon a Night

It’s one of those nights when I can barely sleep and I feel like reading a ‘Once Upon A Time …and they lived happily ever after’ story. I don’t know if it’s just me but I do have a tendency of enjoying solitude. I know that I have no Cinderella book or that one about coconut brown and the seven dwarfs but now more than ever I know that I need to be alone, keep myself company and watch the world go round through my micro mini personality.

Just to mention, Defying is one of my hobbies. The urge to defy is greater than that which insists I should stick to this lonesome world. And just like a defiant girl, I get out of the closet and prod into the ‘world’.

It’s like twelve p.m. and I don’t know how the hell I got here but I’m walking into this joint… Joint? That’s what they call it. There are so many people here and I have to confess I’d rather the comforts of my bed than this. I’m no party freak and this doesn’t suit me at all. This girl over here is just but not me. She ails from a different world. So she gets into some kind of corridor, watches the hosts there… she feels like a total stranger and the air they breathe is chocking her. They are probably drunk and they are all smoking weed. Male and female, young and old, all sizes, it seems there is no age limit for this. Now she understands why Circuite and Joel sang that manyake song. They must have stepped out!

She watches; feels like she’s hidden by ignorance. It’s a good thing everyone is minding their own business. In another corner she sees a man and a woman talking business parse! “The universe is gradually advancing into a 24 hour economy.” She whispers more to herself.

“If you can’t beat them, join them. Why don’t we help this economy grow sweetheart?”

She turns back to see a tall well-built young man.

“Who are you?”

“Someone you probably wanna meet tonight”

She looks at him intensely. His eyes portray something… ‘A human dog!’. He wants to get right through her, devour her and reduce her to a treak! She suddenly comes to a realization. This place can barely sustain her. She takes a step back, and another, and another and another till the edge of the balcony. If she takes one more, she knows she’ll trip!

She takes that chance… As luck would have it, a strong arm holds and prevents her from falling. She looks up and it’s someone she knows, someone she has met, someone who came in the nick of time.

…to be continued