What Do You Do When The Devil’s At Your Door?

What do you do when the devil’s at your
Do you call a priest?
Do you call a lawyer?
The cops?
The Department of Child and Family?
Do you go to court for a no contact
Do you tell your mom?
Confide in a good friend?
Tell Facebook friends how much of a
dick he is?
How do you explain this to the kids?
Do you tell your job?
Do you go see your doctor and tell him
all about it?
Start speaking to a therapist? Tell them
how much anxiety it causes?
Will medication help?
Do you do something enjoyable to keep your
mind off it?
Write a poem about it?
Write some songs?
Draw a picture?
Do you watch TV or a movie?
Do you write down what he says in your
doorway? Keep a journal?
Do you save his text messages in case
you need them in court?
Do you wait to see if he will drop dead
or overdose on sin while waiting for you
to answer?
Do you block your ears to extinguish his
Do you argue with him, pointing out his
evil ways?
Do you pray every chance you get?
Or do you simply wait for the call that informs
it’s all over and weep for your sanity?

Jason Pacheco


Inspire Me

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