Knocking On Heavens Door


The Sunshine Within

On bleak days, with leaden skies,
when you don’t know where to begin.
Your head hurts and your heart cries,
look for the sunshine within.

After dark dreams of panic and fear,
when you almost break, almost give in.
All hope smashed, dreams far from here,
look for the sunshine within.

On foul days, with no rest in sight,
and you cannot force a grin.
Remember be calm, it will be alright,
you have the sunshine within.

–Jojoba Mansell


Individualism as a Remedy for Feminism

Feminism and male chauvinism also affects men!


The dichotomy put forth by feminists can hardly be considered intellectually rigorous or value-free. There is little need to state the obvious; male disadvantages and injustices as well as female privileges and aggressions do also exist. Feminism is an ideologically biased, emotionally fuelled, preconceived narrative, and must come to face the reality of ever-mounting opposing evidence.

In rhetoric, feminists often claim to “speak on behalf of” women and the marginalised (which is quite presumptuous in itself). Yet their sympathy only extends to what falls neatly into their narrative, and injustices that fall outside of their margins are blatantly ignored. Any reminder that, for example, males can also be victims of violence or discrimination, will usually be met with a dismissive and often offended tone, as the feminist begins to lecture on how much more oppressed the non-male population is.

Such behaviour is not only unbecoming and inconsiderate, but it also breeds…

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Boring stories are often boring because they lack tension. If your story doesn’t quite pack the punch you wish it did, you should take a look at how much tension you’re creating. It’s important to remember that you don’t need an explosive scene to create tension; it could…

Ways to Shock Your Characters (and Your Readers)

Will You?


Will you be my Valentine?
Will you marry me in June?
Will you lock me in the basement
when there is a bright, full moon?

Will you bring me lots of roses?
Will you bring me chocolate sweets?
Once a month when I get hairy,
will you feed me doggy treats?

Will you treat me with devotion?
Will you bless me when I sneeze?
Will you dust my back with powder
just in case I’ve gotten fleas?

Will you be my darling angel?
Will you be my dream divine?
That’s exactly what the Wolfman
said to Lady Frankenstein.




In the pulpit he swayed and turned
Leaned forward, backward
His solemn voice echoed,
Lowly the congregation followed;
“Do you love your neighbour?”
Meekly they bow at his keen eye
Now examining a grey head
Hearing under her sobs.
His heart kept assured-
“Her sins weigh on her”
So with her he chats outside;
“Weep not, child you are pardoned,”
“But sir, your beard conjured up
The spirit of my dead goat!”

By Proscovia Rwakyaka